Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chemical Peels

(I know the lighting is different,
 this was the only full face before picture I took that day)
 AND I have eyeliner and mascara on in the after picture... This was just for me to see if the Perfection Lift (IMAGE) would work for me.

For about two years now I have been battling the much hated hormonal acne that almost everyone I know gets in their late twenties, early thirties.
I have tried everything.
When I was in esthetics's school, I started using the IMAGE skincare line and felt I saw a big difference. But I still had these little hard bumps and scarring from old acne. :(
ALSO I was not religious with a daily skincare regime either. I was still just doing whatever, whenever I felt like it. Just like 90% of the population, I would go to bed with makeup on, not change my pillow cases, and of course, was not getting enough water in my system.
So fast forward a year later....

I can't be recommending this amazing skincare line to my clients if I have pizza all over my face! About a week ago, my IMAGE skincare representative came to town for an event my spa hosted. She suggested to do the "Perfection Lift" to really resurface my skin, slough away all that dead skin cell layer that is trapping the acne, and creating the bumps. 

So I tried it! 

Here's what I should expect over the next 6 days.
Day 1-2 Skin is tight and shiny
Day 2 Skin is reddish brown in color, due to pigment lifting
Day 3, 4, 5 Skin is peeling
(the perfection lift treatment results in a
substantial amount of peeling & flaking)
Day 6 Skin begins to heel

(Day 2)

(DAY 3, 4, 5)

After this picture my active acne, red spots and blackheads had pretty well cleared up. But because of the nature of this peel, I started to break out again in about 2 days. Chemical peels remove the first layer of your skin, allowing the acne that is under the surface of the skin to come out. I plan on doing a series of three of this peel. I will post the after picture, after the 3rd peel.

There are many different types of peels. From acne, wrinkle, lightening to organic peels that are safe for even pregant women to benefit from. This peel was the "Perfection Lift" from IMAGE skincare. The line that we use at the Day Spa I work at.





 photo terrawinesig_zpsc77aa4ba.png



  1. I don't think there's one complete solution to all of our skin problems, so while you ended up breaking out after the first peel, it looked like it wasn't as bad as your skin's condition before. Anyway, do you mind sharing your aftercare tips as well? :) -Lori @ Adera Skin and Laser

  2. Regardless of light, eyeliner and mascara, the difference is quite noticeable. Your skin is lighter, fresher and smooth after the peeling treatment. And to think it would improve more after your 3rd peel? Wow! Congrats on finding a regimen that best suits your skin.

    Dr. Daniel Knight

  3. And how was the end result after the series of 3 peels? I hope it’s worth what you’ve paid for this treatment. Sure, it might not rectify all the imperfections, but hopefully it did help you get a clearer skin by removing all those impurities that causes the skin to look rough and dull. Stay beautiful!

    Lilia Valle @ La Fleur de Beaute Day Spa


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