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It's Saturday night, you know what that means! Facial night!
I love to spend one night a week, just relaxing and doing a beauty routine. Being an esthetician, I have a smorgasbord of products in my bathroom, but my new favorite thing is my Clarisonic! Here's a video showing you a little bit about it and what I think of it.
I added some info straight from the Clarisonic website if you want to get more technical :)
I bought mine from the DaySpa I work at here in town.
Thank you for watching!

And if anyone knows how to set your first frame to something other than a random frame in the video..... PLEASE let me know LOL I thought I had it fixed by setting a picture as the first frame. I use Windows Movie Maker.

Healthy skin begins with Clarisonic

While cleansing is the first step in any skin care ritual, it is often overlooked. Typical manual cleansing can leave behind dirt and oil trapped in pores. This build-up can damage the appearance and health of your skin and keep your skin care products from working like they should.
Used and recommended by spas and dermatologists, Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems use a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to gently, yet thoroughly remove 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. Cleaner skin is the first step toward healthier skin. And healthier skin is smoother, more radiant and more beautiful.

Forehead cleansing before clarisonicExample of forehead cleansing after Clarisonic
Forehead Before Cleansing
Cleansing With Clarisonic
Manual Cleansing

Sonic Cleansing Benefits:

    Removes 6X more makeup than manual cleansing
      Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
      Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best
      Gentle enough to use twice a day
      Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
      Minimizes the appearance of visible pores
    How to Use Sonic Cleansing
    Our Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems gently and effectively remove dirt and oil, and prepare your skin for moisturizers and serums.
    Softer, smoother, cleaner skin in just 60 seconds:
    Charge the handle in the charging cradle.

    Charge the handle in the charging cradle.
    Wet your skin and apply cleanser to the brush head.
    Wet your skin and apply cleanser to the brush head.
    Use circular motion; 20 sec. on forehead, 20 sec. on nose/chin, 10 sec. on each cheek.
    Use circular motion; 20 sec. on forehead, 20 sec. on nose/chin, 10 sec. on each cheek.


    Thanks to the wonderful Missouri winters, my skin has been very dry and itchy lately.  I have tried a few different things to relieve this awful condition short of moving to Florida.

    So this is my version of a milk bath, you can add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (vanilla, lavender, coconut). I went with Vitamin E oil because my skin needs the extra hydration.


    2 Cups powered milk
    1 Cup cornstarch
    5-10 drops essential oil
    32 ounce jar with lid (I love mason jars with DIY chalk labels, watch for a post about that soon) :)))))

    I put everything in a pitcher and stirred with a whisk. Then transferred it to the mason jar. This way I could make sure I didn't have any clumping problems with the oil. If you want to skip the extra step, just put everything in the mason jar, lid on, and shake....

                                                              EASY ENOUGH

    TO USE

    Toss 1/2 Cup of the mixture into the bath, light those candles, put on your Drake/Chris Brown playlist..... and forget about everything else for at least 30 minutes.

    We've all been there..... "I'll just tweeze a couple little hairs, I'll just try to wax my brows myself".... For me, this never worked out well. I would start tweezing and never know where to stop. Before I knew it, I had lost 50% of my brows. And to top it off, I never knew how to shape them anyways, so they would end up straight with no arch.   

    Insert beauty school and ca-pow! .... I was taught the proper way to shape and fill in my lackluster eyebrows. I want to share some simple tricks to get the right shape and fill in your brows. You can use whichever form of brow filler you like, there are pencils, loose shades, moose and compact style. 

    (These brows have not been filled in)

    1. Determine where your inner brow should end. Hold a straight edge, such as an eyebrow pencil or a ruler, vertically in front of your face. 
    Line it up so that it touches the outermost of edge your nose and the inside of your eye. This line will determine where your eyebrow should start.
    Mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil. Repeat for the other eye.
    2. Determine where your outer brow should end. Angle the straight edge further so that it touches the outermost edge of your nose and also passes along the outermost edge of your eye. This tells you where the eyebrow should end.
    Mark this point with your eyebrow pencil.
    Repeat with the other eye.

    3. Determine where your arch should peak. Angle the straight edge so that it lines up with the outermost edge of your nose and the outermost edge of your iris. 

    It's very important that you look straight ahead — both your face and your eyes should be looking directly forward at the mirror.
    Wherever the line intersects your eyebrow is where the peak of your arch should begin at the top border of the eyebrow.
    Mark that spot with your eyebrow pencil.
    Repeat for the other eye.

    4. Pluck the strays that fall below the line and outside the marks you've made. 

    Consider your face shape.
    Certain brows better compliment specific face shapes.
    To minimize the curve of a round face, direct the outer third of the brow towards the top of the ear.
    If the face is square, direct it toward the middle of the ear. This helps balance the face.
    If the face is long, keep the brow more straight across, directing it above the ear.
    An oval face already looks balanced, but to enhance this harmony, you can direct the outer third towards the ear lobe.

    Everyday Maintenance

    1. Trim your brows. You may find that hairs are within your ideal shape, but are just too long. Use a pair of eyebrow trimmers to clean up your look. Using a brow brush, brush the hairs upward. Cut the hairs that extend beyond your natural hair line.

    2. Fill in sparse spots. If your brows are too light (or dark), fill them in with an eyebrow pencil.
    If your brows are fair, choose a pencil two shades darker than your hair.
    (If you have dark hair, go two shades lighter.)
    Hold your skin taut at the temple, and line softly along the upper edge of your brow. Then, line along the bottom edge.
    With feathery strokes, fill in between the two edges.
    Remember to blend!

    If you don't have an eyebrow pencil, substitute matte eyeshadow.

    3. Use a clear gel to set. Brush the hairs how they naturally lie and apply gel to set the hairs in place. Clear mascara can double as a brow gel.
    This also prevents smudging, if filled in.


    TWAS the night before Valentines and all through the house....
    was no sign of Valentines Day....
    I was named "most romantic" senior year of high school, how could one of my favorite holidays creep up on me?! I had big plans of decorating the house up cute, trying out all those new pinterest DIY's, a making at least two makeup tutorials...
    But here I sit, almost ten o'clock on Valentines Day Eve, drinking moscato, trying to finish up one video.
    I love makeup, I love LOVE, so where did I let the time go?

    This weeks video is still all about the Bare Minerals Makeup. Since VD is on a work day this year again, I wanted to try out a "work to date" look. The first part of the video is my basic face, basic eye makeup. There's also a mini tutorial in there on false eyelashes.
    The second part of the video is me making the look a little more dramatic after I came home from work. I really tested it out!

    Foundation: Bare Minerals Ready in Medium Tan
    Bronzer: BMR in High Dive
    Blush: Joyous Jennifer
    Highlighters: Stroke of Light, Secret Radiance
    Concealer: Summer Bisque
    Eyes: Nude Chiffon, Velvet Mauve, Rock Star, Black Leather
    Brunette Brow Kit
    Mascara: Flawless Definition
    Lips: Blush Quickstick, Strawberry Shortcake
    False Lashes: Salon Perfect "Demi Wispies"  


     The whole reason I started this blog begins with this video right here..
    One of my BFF's over at says to me one day "Make a tutorial of some New Years Eve Makeup and I'll put it on my blog". At this point, I have not even thought about starting my own blog, I wouldn't even know where to begin. BUT as this picture right here pretty much describes our friendship to a T.....
     SO, I grab my camera and start recording. First I just put it on YouTube and my facebook. Then I realize how much fun it would be to do more of these videos and to try out some DIY beauty.
    So this is my very first tutorial, please watch and let me know what you think!

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