Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall's Skin Care Rules

When the seasons change, we all get excited to change out our wardrobe. We start moving the shorts out for jeans, the sweaters make their way back into the front of the closet, but what about skin care? Should our regimen change due to the weather? YES!

Here are my favorite things to do to get my skin ready for the season.

Everybody needs to exfoliate, no matter your age or skin condition. Getting better skin fast is quite easy. Just make sure to add a product that exfoliates into your daily routine, and you’ll get glowing skin in no time. Exfoliation helps skin look better right away by removing dead cells from the skin’s surface.

The air is getting drier... first thing you should do is get the humidifier turned on at home. The second thing is you can add in a super hydrator like hyaluronic filler or a hydrating serum. And of course, drink plenty of water. A person is supposed to get 1/2 their body weight in oz of water daily. For example, if you are 200 LBS, you should get 100 oz of water a day.

The summer sun has done its damage and now it's time to lighten and suppress those spots! Use products that contain Kojic Acid, Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice to lighten brown spots naturally. Seek out a skincare professional to get your skin looked at under an ultraviolet light like a Woods Lamp. Ask them to let you take a peek, you may be shocked to see the damage your skin has endured. And as always, apply sunscreen daily.  

Along with fall comes new smoky eye makeup and dramatic eye liner. The eyes really have the attention in fall/winter makeup. Unfortunately, that’s also where the first signs of aging can occur with fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. A quick trick to brighten your eyes is to use anti aging skin products that are specifically developed for your eyes. Use a crème that tightens around the eyes while brightening dark spots.


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whip those brows into shape!

We've all been there..... "I'll just tweeze a couple little hairs, I'll just try to wax my brows myself".... For me, this never worked out well. I would start tweezing and never know where to stop. Before I knew it, I had lost 50% of my brows. And to top it off, I never knew how to shape them anyways, so they would end up straight with no arch.   

Insert beauty school and ca-pow! .... I was taught the proper way to shape and fill in my lackluster eyebrows. I want to share some simple tricks to get the right shape and fill in your brows. You can use whichever form of brow filler you like, there are pencils, loose shades, moose and compact style. 

(These brows have not been filled in)

1. Determine where your inner brow should end. Hold a straight edge, such as an eyebrow pencil or a ruler, vertically in front of your face. 
Line it up so that it touches the outermost of edge your nose and the inside of your eye. This line will determine where your eyebrow should start.
Mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil. Repeat for the other eye.
2. Determine where your outer brow should end. Angle the straight edge further so that it touches the outermost edge of your nose and also passes along the outermost edge of your eye. This tells you where the eyebrow should end.
Mark this point with your eyebrow pencil.
Repeat with the other eye.

3. Determine where your arch should peak. Angle the straight edge so that it lines up with the outermost edge of your nose and the outermost edge of your iris. 

It's very important that you look straight ahead — both your face and your eyes should be looking directly forward at the mirror.
Wherever the line intersects your eyebrow is where the peak of your arch should begin at the top border of the eyebrow.
Mark that spot with your eyebrow pencil.
Repeat for the other eye.

4. Pluck the strays that fall below the line and outside the marks you've made. 

Consider your face shape.
Certain brows better compliment specific face shapes.
To minimize the curve of a round face, direct the outer third of the brow towards the top of the ear.
If the face is square, direct it toward the middle of the ear. This helps balance the face.
If the face is long, keep the brow more straight across, directing it above the ear.
An oval face already looks balanced, but to enhance this harmony, you can direct the outer third towards the ear lobe.

Everyday Maintenance

1. Trim your brows. You may find that hairs are within your ideal shape, but are just too long. Use a pair of eyebrow trimmers to clean up your look. Using a brow brush, brush the hairs upward. Cut the hairs that extend beyond your natural hair line.

2. Fill in sparse spots. If your brows are too light (or dark), fill them in with an eyebrow pencil.
If your brows are fair, choose a pencil two shades darker than your hair.
(If you have dark hair, go two shades lighter.)
Hold your skin taut at the temple, and line softly along the upper edge of your brow. Then, line along the bottom edge.
With feathery strokes, fill in between the two edges.
Remember to blend!

If you don't have an eyebrow pencil, substitute matte eyeshadow.

3. Use a clear gel to set. Brush the hairs how they naturally lie and apply gel to set the hairs in place. Clear mascara can double as a brow gel.
This also prevents smudging, if filled in.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


HEY GUYS! I'm doing my first guest post over at Ellesees!

I creeply :) follow Elle on Instagram @ellesees and when I saw she was hosting guest posts I knew I had to get in on the action.
She blogs about all things beauty, and I am addicted!



1. Remove your makeup!
If you are like me, you go after work, during work...anytime you can fit it in.
Working out with foundation on WILL clog your pores and create blemishes. I carry Burts Bees all natural face cleansing wipes in my gym bag.  
2. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF (oil free is an extra plus).
3. Skip the foundation all together.
The tinted moisturizer will give you some color and even out your skin tone. If you must ( I MUST ) you can apply concealer to your blemishes lightly.
4. Apply a waterproof eyeliner/mascara to give some life to your eyes.
(We are not tryin' to look like zombies... we DO want SOME makeup on)
The waterproof will ensure all that sweat won't leave you will smears of black all over your face.
5. To help control oil production and give yourself a little more color and evenness, apply a tinted mineral veil all over your face.
6. Put on a smile (Cheesy, I know). Working out gives you endorphins which makes you happy, so... SMILE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chemical Peels

(I know the lighting is different,
 this was the only full face before picture I took that day)
 AND I have eyeliner and mascara on in the after picture... This was just for me to see if the Perfection Lift (IMAGE) would work for me.

For about two years now I have been battling the much hated hormonal acne that almost everyone I know gets in their late twenties, early thirties.
I have tried everything.
When I was in esthetics's school, I started using the IMAGE skincare line and felt I saw a big difference. But I still had these little hard bumps and scarring from old acne. :(
ALSO I was not religious with a daily skincare regime either. I was still just doing whatever, whenever I felt like it. Just like 90% of the population, I would go to bed with makeup on, not change my pillow cases, and of course, was not getting enough water in my system.
So fast forward a year later....

I can't be recommending this amazing skincare line to my clients if I have pizza all over my face! About a week ago, my IMAGE skincare representative came to town for an event my spa hosted. She suggested to do the "Perfection Lift" to really resurface my skin, slough away all that dead skin cell layer that is trapping the acne, and creating the bumps. 

So I tried it! 

Here's what I should expect over the next 6 days.
Day 1-2 Skin is tight and shiny
Day 2 Skin is reddish brown in color, due to pigment lifting
Day 3, 4, 5 Skin is peeling
(the perfection lift treatment results in a
substantial amount of peeling & flaking)
Day 6 Skin begins to heel

(Day 2)

(DAY 3, 4, 5)

After this picture my active acne, red spots and blackheads had pretty well cleared up. But because of the nature of this peel, I started to break out again in about 2 days. Chemical peels remove the first layer of your skin, allowing the acne that is under the surface of the skin to come out. I plan on doing a series of three of this peel. I will post the after picture, after the 3rd peel.

There are many different types of peels. From acne, wrinkle, lightening to organic peels that are safe for even pregant women to benefit from. This peel was the "Perfection Lift" from IMAGE skincare. The line that we use at the Day Spa I work at.





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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

30 Before 30 - Get a new Boxer puppy

We are so excited I have our new addition to the family! Now, I can't say how the cats feel about this....

                  Welcome Tucker!!! 

He's a super sweet guy from Fulton Missouri! He was in a litter of ten pups! That's a lot for a boxer. He was 8 pounds(??) when we got him. 

This is me, Tucker, his dad and other little brothers and sisters. 

We have had boxers before. My husband had a boxer already when he met me and when he past away we waited for awhile to get another one. Then we got married and we bought Copper as a wedding present. Poor little Copper past away at only nine months, the vet still does not know what exactly was wrong. Fast forward a year and a half later and we get this little guy Tucker. :) love him already. 

He's ten weeks old now and 18 whole pounds. 

Thanks for reading! Follow him on instagram @thisboxersalltuckerdout 

I can now check this off my thirty before thirty. I will definitely be needing that glass of moscato. :) this guys a handful! 

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30 Before 30 - Get a new piercing

I have been wanting a cute ear piercing for a long time! ..... Thanks Pinterest.... So one night I dragged my girl Sarah out of the house in our sweatpants to go to STAY TRUE tattoo here in Sedalia with me. (Because can girls really go do anything on their own like this?!) haha 

So I got my forward helix pierced by this guy! Lol 

It really didn't hurt too bad. Just an instant punch in the freakin ear. 


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