My Fit Journey

It's me! I've always been a smaller person, 5'4 115 ish. But.... then I met my husband and a couple years later.... boom... relationship weight. "Before I knew it" I was almost 150 pounds and depressed and crying on the floor of my closet.

That lasted awhile before I did anything about it too. Finally, long story short... I got up and said, enough. It was a slow process for me personally, I lost 10 or 15, then after my wedding I got serious about working out and eating healthy. I've kept the weight off for two years.

Point is, when you think you have reached bottom, you give up, or like me, you say "I'm just going to be ok with being this weight" bc I was too depressed to see any other future..... just know that if you get up and start living the life you WANT ...... whatever your going through, soon enough, you'll look back and think wow, it's already been 4 weeks, 6 months, a year, and I'm actually ok :)

Have faith in yourself.

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