Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to apply false eyelashes super quick and easy!

HI GUYS!!!!!!

Work has been so super crazy lately, I haven't been able to put my thoughts together long enough to even pour a glass of wine.
 (Who am I kidding, we all have time fo' dat)
 I have been to St. Louis last week for an IMAGE skincare event to learn all about new and amazing products that were just launched. AND I LOVE THEM!


I've been trying out all kinds of new moscatos
I bought from good 'Ol Sams Club the other day


and.... I have been tediously organizing my personal life.
WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY! A little boxer boy that has no name so far.

Right now I am in Kansas City typing up this post when I should be sleeping bc I have to get up SUPER early to go to class for XTreme Lashes!
I am so very excited to add this to my MENU of all things I can do.
 I'll explain more later. :)



My personal preference is to start with no mascara, but all my other eye makeup already finished.  
1. Peel off lashes gently
2. If needed, cut to fit your eye shape better
3. Apply decent layer of glue to the edge, concentrating on the ends
4. Move, wiggle the lash to let it mold to your eye shape
5. Let the glue set for 30-60 seconds
6. Place along the lash line where your skin meets your lashes
7. "Push up" the falsies until you feel the "set"
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Makeup Brush 101

 Makeup Brush 101 THE BASICS

Ever find yourself at the makeup counter or in the store just staring at all the different makeup brushes and wondering,

 "what the heck do I do with that one"?

 Or have you been on Pinterest lately looking at all the amazing makeup pictures and think,

 "how am I gonna do THAT with THIS" 
Well, I am going to make this quick and easy so you can go take a look at your own collection and start playing around!!! 

Brushes come in all shapes, sizes and even materials. They can be synthetic or animal hair and have wooden or metal handles. 

Foundation brushes: 
Firm and tight bristles = max coverage
Soft and fuller bristles = medium to sheer coverage 

Blush brushes

Concealer brushes:
Usually narrow and firm with a flat edge 

Lip brushes

Eye shadow brushes:
 You can get these in all different sizes ranging from soft to firm. When I want to get a more vibrant, dense color, I use a firm, tight bristled brush. To blend out shadows, I use a fuller, softer brush. When applying darker colors (smokey eye for instance), I like to use a smaller more firm brush. 

Eyeliner brushes:
 Can be fine, tapered, angled brushes used to create all different thickness of eyeliner. 

Angle brushes: 
Firm, thin bristled; angled for use on the eyebrows or for easy eyeliner. 

Lash and brow brush:
 The comb like side is used to remove excess mascara on lashes, and the brush side is for taming those brows! 

That's a basic list of brushes you should have in your makeup wardrobe. I will be adding to this list in more detail in other posts!

Now on to more serious business on this wonderful Friday.....

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